Review – Mixed Reviews Make this Store a Dubious Store to Shop From Review – Mixed Reviews Make this Store a Dubious Store to Shop From is another with the Trusted Tablets template. I have actually seen multiple websites using this template, so I am positive that Approved Medical is just another online affiliate website handling traffic for a larger online pharmacy. This shop’s façade is downright banal, and there is nothing on it which sets the store apart from its clone web stores. According to this store, it is already on its 9th year in business, supplying meds verified by the Indian FDA and other international accrediting bodies. All of the meds on Approved Pharmacy come from India, despite the store’s office not being located in the country.

Visiting the store, I was greeted by generic products marked as Approved Medical’s best-selling items. The bestsellers of the store include generic Viagra, generic Levitra, generic Addyi, generic Janumet, generic Lasix, generic Nolvadex, generic Revlimid, and various other generic medications. Apart from these products, buyers can find meds for fungal infections, viral diseases, asthma, allergies, diabetes, sexual health and fertility, pain management, and several other clinical conditions. Some meds on are prescription products, while some are over-the-counter; the store asks for valid prescriptions for some of its products, although the store does not say which of its products require Rx before dispensing. The patients are required to fax or email their prescription copies so that their orders may be duly processed.

Although is offering a lot of products, I searched erectile dysfunction meds/male impotence products, in particular, to compare its prices against the stores I’ve previously visited. Generic Viagra 100 mg’s starting price is $29.95 for 10 pills and generic Levitra 20 mg’s starting price is $34.95 for 10 pills. Although the per unit prices of these meds are not the lowest in the market, the 10-pill minimum is helpful in mitigating the costs of these medications. Even if some shops offer lower prices for their pills, these stores require buyers to purchase at least 30 pills, which makes the final product cost a bit expensive.

Should you decide to order from the store, you will be required to pay for the standard airmail service shipping option which costs $10 or the trackable service shipping option which costs $30, depending on your preference. You will also be requested to pay for your orders using credit cards, but Approved Medical did not state which credit cards it accepts.

If ever your orders get lost or get damaged during transit, you are assured by the store with replacements or refunds. only asks its buyers with concerns to reach out to its support team by using the live chat support, the available phone numbers, or the email function available on the store.

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It is fortunate that Approved Medical had reviews for its service from one online review platform, The shop, though, had mixed reviews for its service—some gave a low overall rating for the store, but some consumers also gave high points to this online store.

“Pharmacyreviewer” gave an overall score of 3.0 out of 5 stars and commented that the shop is allegedly selling “fake” medications. The buyer advised other buyers to avoid this store.

Another buyer, Camilo Garcia, rated the shop an overall grade of 3.3 stars and gave the lowest points for its customer service and ease of website use. According to Camilo, he can’t find Approved Medical’s site and he’s worried about his order, which hasn’t arrived by the time of his review.

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Jennie rated a score of 1.5 overall, giving the lowest points for the product quality, price, and customer service. According to her, the items she received from the store were legitimate, but its delivery was slow. I still had trouble knowing if she was really pleased about this shop’s service or if she was disappointed overall.

Haley, on the other hand, gave Approved Medical a good score (4.9 out of 5) and mentioned that he got the products he ordered from the store without any issue. Also, he mentioned that the meds worked as they should.

It is hard to decipher the overall status of this online pharmacy based on the consumer reviews since the comments were mixed, but even though some of the comments for Approved Medical are positive, these comments are already outdated (2008-2011). Reviews 2017

I was relieved to find old reviews for, but I aimed to look for more recent mentions for Approved Medical on the web. However, there appear no more reviews for later than 2011, so I just used platforms I usually employ for domain checking:

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Legit Script gave a “rogue” internet pharmacy rating because of the issues identified for the online store’s domain.

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Using Scam Adviser, I saw that is a threat listed store with a low trust score of 39 out of 100. Scam Adviser had trouble deciding where Approved Medical is actually located—the shop may be located in either the Netherlands or in Pakistan. Coupon Codes

According to, it has free shipping for orders greater than $150. Freebie pills are also offered by the store, but for a fixed purchase amount.

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Of course, the store gives away more free pills for consumers with more orders.

Conclusion has several reviews for its service, but the store has mixed reviews for its service. Some clients complained of slow shipping, fake products, and orders not arriving. There were comments for the shop’s good products, though, but the negative reviews for the shop are not to be ignored. Although the store had good prices, I think you should look for other shops to patronize since had a considerable amount of bad reviews. My rating: 2 out of 5.

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