Asthma Medications Using Guide and Tips

Asthma Medications Using Guide and Tips

Asthma is one of the most prevalent and most common diseases in the world. It is a chronic disorder that will affect both adults and children and generally does not have any cure. However, because of scientific developments and research, there are certain medications that you can take to alleviate the discomfort of shortness and hardness of breathing when the attack occurs. The market itself is filled with so many products that come in various forms of inhalers and tablets that will help the patient in his condition.

Each individual who has been diagnosed to have the disease will deal with it quite differently depending on the severity of the attacks they have. Hence, there may be some people who will use two kinds of medications while there may be others that will simply use one.

Research and experiment are two of the most common methods that will determine the extent of the disease on the person. There are actually others out there who will experience severe reactions on different seasons and on different environments. No matter how the situation may be, you need to take care of the situation so that you will have the right medications to have it treated correspondingly. This means that you have to take down notes literally when an attack comes. Take the time, the place, the situation you are in, and the surroundings in your immediate vicinity. This is because it will be important in checking the elements that many have aggravated the attacks. This will also help the medical professionals pinpoint the conditions and perhaps to prescribed the necessary medications that will help you in the future.

The most commonly used asthma treatments may include:

Bronchodilators – these are the medications that are considered as quick acting treatments that will relax and calm down the muscles to make the airways breathe easier. Once the swelling and the inflammations are reduced to the normal level, the oxygen will be able to flow freely. These medications will usually come in the form of inhalers. These are the devices that will contain beta-antagonists that are actually quite effective in reducing the discomfort in extreme attacks.

Inhaled corticosteroids – these medications are those that will be inhaled as well and will be that preventive measure in the reduction of the swellings and inflammation of the linings in the airways. Eventually, when this happens the airways will be free from sudden swellings that will lead to the attacks.

Long acting inhaled bronchodilators – these types of medications must be taken together with the corticosteroids during evenings as a way to relieved overnight discomfort during sleeping hours. Muscle swelling will be reduced to a minimum with the presence of these medications.

Leukotriene Modifiers – these are recommended for those that have milder attacks, and should as well be taken together with the corticosteroids if the attacks and episodes of asthma are so severe that the leukotriene modifier will not be sufficient.

Theophylline – this is the type of medication that can be taken as a tablet instead of the sprays and inhalers. It is actually quite common to be used for those that want to have long lasting effects of the maintenance for prevention. This is a long release capsule that is taken in specific dosages that is noted to assist in the relaxation of the muscles in the respiratory tract. Complete monitoring of the reactions of the body and as well as the effects is important as this might lead to extremely dangerous side effects if it is not properly administered. Adverse side effects to the medication includes complications in breathing hear rate increase, and even seizures have been noted on patients that have taken the capsule incorrectly. Besides this theophylline, you can also have Cromolyn and Nedocromil as medications that can help asthma attacks.

Lung performance should be properly monitored at all times. Medications such as those stated above may help patients to deal with the attacks. However, you need to check the capacity of the lung with the use of a peak flow meter. This will read how well the respiratory system is working and whether there are any imminent asthma attacks about to happen. This will be a proactive way of treating asthma before it attacks and disables your breathing process.

Constant medical research is being conducted so that long term asthma medications will be developed and produce as little side effects as possible.

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