Review – Not Reliable Vendor to Be Avoided! Review – Not Reliable Vendor to Be Avoided! is an online store that deals with a variety of both branded and generic drugs. Owing to my health history, that is in constant demand for the common impotence remedies, I decided to pay a visit to its site; making it a subject of this review.

Borrowing from its claims, Canadian Family Pharmacy is the market leader in the provision of quality services at affordable prices operating its head office in Canada.  I come across the addresses of its subsidiaries in the US and a warehouse in India.  I see a statement that assures me of timely delivery, high-quality products and prompt and efficient customer support. All thanks to its About Us segment. I steal a glance at its corporate seal which reads 2003. My calculations affirm a good number of service provisions, no wonder it might live up to its claim. I didn’t take note of Canadian-family pharmacy compliance with international regulatory authorities such as the CIPA and MIPA which ascertain patient’s’ safety.

According to the indications on some drugs, I realize that Canadian-family pharmacy is FDA approved. This approval means that patients across the globe can make purchases without worrying. The store happens to offer a broad range of drugs for various illnesses, for instance, skin disorders, allergies, erectile dysfunctions, pain relievers, diabetes and heart diseases. My key priority being, FDA approved guaranteed from its FAQ.

Surfing its website, I get to view its relatively low prices. My “All time dual”, Viagra and Cialis is offered at $74.95 in packs of 10 tablets each. What sells more is the fact that Levitra, the latest drug in the store for treating erectile dysfunction goes for $2.55 per tablet, a much reasonable tag.  I wish you knew the enormous proportion of a fortune I cough for these drugs elsewhere.

I wonder which events might follow in case I’m not satisfied with the package I ordered, what if it fails to pass through the border, worse of all I get delivered a package which I didn’t order? Canadian Family Pharmacy has a refund policy where the package can be shipped back. The other option is to get a cash refund.  I’m curious to find out on the eventuality of returning a cheap package, only for it not to be retaken. I consider contacting the customer support to clarify the issue.  

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I successfully fill the contact form and submit; since Canadian -family pharmacy does not offer a live chat system nor a toll-free number visible on its site. Discontented by the lack of a forthcoming reply some minutes later, I view the shipping terms. I am not only looking at the most affordable shipping means where I’m offered a free delivery for goods worth $200 but also a considerate charge of $4.95 for my everyday pack of Viagra. The duration of delivery for a regular airmail is (10-21) days while that of Expressive courier for clients within the US is (8-14) days. I also came across a variety of payment options, by this I mean, Visa, Mastercard, e-Checks and American Express. Reviews

So far I am yet to get a response from its customer support. I remember seeing on its website that have the best interests of their clients at heart. I proceed to view the reviews from other customers assuming the slow response happens to all. 

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I’m usually keen to investigate the review corner prior placing an order, least I short change a substantial amount of dollars by interacting with fraudsters who are on the rise; masquerading as online pharmacies. I’m not saying that reviews are 100% sure but my take is they might be of some assistance. I don’t seem to match the ratings with the reviews as they are a replica on other sites. I come across a few people who had positively examined the pharmacy. Onto my first one was Bob Creek, who seemed to be impressed by a fast delivery and refers to himself ‘a satisfied customer’.

The second review was from Dave in the United Kingdom in whose view the pharmacy is’ highly recommended’ as he mentioned a ten days delivery time at a lower price for a  re-order after a good experience. Chris, on the other hand, describes himself as a’ happy customer’ having interacted with some drugs from the store. I’m yet to see any negative review from a dissatisfied client from their site. My suspicion tells me that these reviews might be biased as it is unusual to meet every client’s expectations. Reviews 2017

I proceed to view the most recent reviews and see if my suspicion will be cleared. I read reviews from satisfied clients, and this is what they had to say; George from Washington speaks a good word on the services it offers to be of ‘high standard’. The complement preceded was a couple of days delivery he experienced after making a purchase.


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The other reviewer was Adam from Texas who appreciates the services and acknowledges the transformative nature of its drugs following his comment ‘Thanks, guys!’ In addition to that, I see two more reviews from Jeffry in the US who had bought some drugs as well claiming It, ‘saved…relationship’. The final report that I get to see is from Sean in Canada who utters that, “A good medicine for me”.

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I viewed the legal scripts to confirm the legitimacy of the named pharmacy. I encountered some shock as I realized that it fits the legit script’s definition of rogue. The store in question is said to have committed some legal violations such as; lack of consumer safety compliance and lack of genuine reviews. Legit Script reports an absence of reviews from the pharmacy, both the negative and positive reviews happen to be a miss.

I also see that the pharmacy does not have a reliable WHOIS as it has a multiple of them, the latest having a history of 7 months. This revelation reflects me its intended objective of choosing to omit the year of its opening.

Canadian Family Pharmacy is now fully exposed due to illegal transactions, and it will not be a wonder not to see much of it in future. Coupon Codes

I happen to view the discounts table in need to understand the reasons behind the illegal trade; as a majority of clients, I included opt for low prices. I see an extra four pills free of charge inclusive of any given order. The additional credits went to a free delivery via a regular airmail for a purchase of $ 150.00.

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On the same segment, I get to see a free express courier delivery for US residents accompanied by orders worth $300.00 and above.  There is more to do with free insurance for orders above $200.00 and a guaranteed free reshipment.  My thinking is that the offers are, too good to be true. I do not intend to risk all that money either. So I recommend you to follow my lead.


I get to a point where my fears are confirmed. It’s about time I call a scam; thanks to the LegitScript report. Despite the drug store failing inefficient and prompt customer care, it goes ahead to post fake reviews from other sites. These reviews appear without any modification placed to lure potential clients and swindle them of their money. The 4.5 and 4.3 ratings available on its different drugs are not to be trusted as well, as these drugs are not FDA approved.  To add to the list, my reply from the customer service is not forthcoming. Summing it up, I do not recommend anyone transacting from it.  I can’t help but, rate Canadian-family pharmacy a deserving 1 star, due to the mediocrity of its operations. I’m entirely convinced by the pieces of evidence stipulated above that, Canadian Family Pharmacy is a fraud to be avoided!

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