Review – Cheap Store with No User Reviews Review – Cheap Store with No User Reviews is an online pharmacy that is running from Canada. The store claims that it sells both branded as well as generic products in an affordable price range. Canadian Pharmacy King is also said to be a member of Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). It is also verified by Pharmacy Checker, hence, the store justifies the authenticity of the drugs being sold here. Canadian Pharmacy King has been working online for over 12 years. It has been serving more than 20,000 clients since the beginning of the year 2003. The main assortments at Canadian Pharmacy King include anti-depressants, asthma, arthritis, birth control, eye care, blood pressure, men’s health, anti-inflammatory, asthma, women’s health, and more. The headquarters of this drug store can be found in Surrey, Vancouver. Some of the medicines present at CanadianPharmacyKing are over the counter medications while others require a valid prescription before the purchase. The drugs ordered by customers are dispensed from a lot of fulfillment centers located in New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, the United States, Turkey, Mauritius and the United Kingdom. It is considered as a one stop shop that contains over 1000 drugs, both generic, branded and related to pet care. The store is quite cheap as it sells generic Cialis at the price of 0.83 US Dollars per pill.

The customers can pay for their orders using Visa, Master Card, International Money Order and personal check. The company ships medicines to many other countries in addition to the United States. The shipping cost is usually around 25 US Dollars and usually takes 10 to 18 business days to deliver. The company used for this purpose has not been specified by Canadian Pharmacy King. Customers can call at 1-877-745-9217 and fax their prescriptions to 1-866-204-1568. They can also mail their questions to the company. Reviews

I searched thoroughly on both the official website as well as every other third party website, but I was unable to find a single review regarding Canadian Pharmacy King. This is really strange, keeping in mind the fact that the store has been running for over 12 years, yet it has not been able to receive a single feedback comment from the customers. This absence of reviews has made me suspicious about the authenticity of this drug store. It is normally advised not to get engaged with any drug store that fails to present any proof of identification in the form of customer reviews. Nevertheless, I decided to keep searching for more proof in order to give a final rating to Canadian Pharmacy King. Reviews 2016

Just like the previous years, has also not received any new comments in the year 2016. This means that the only last option I have is to check its status on Scamadviser and on LegitScript.

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Scamadviser has detected that the real location of Canadian Pharmacy King is being constantly hidden by the owner who says that this store is based in the United States. Although it has a high trust rating, the pharmacy has been termed unapproved for some reason. Scamadviser has advised staying away from the store to be on the safe side.

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LegitScript has also termed this website as unsafe and rogue. The main reason is that it has not provided any proof that it is a real, working pharmacy and not just a scam. Because the reports provided by LegitScript and Scamadviser match, it is better for the customers to avoid getting involved with Canadian Pharmacy King. Coupon Codes

Just like user reviews, the comment section of Canadian Pharmacy King was also blank and empty. It seemed like the pharmacy does not seven care about its customers and only wants to earn the maximum amount of money. The company lacks in so many aspects and is greatly flawed. It must provide good discounts to cover up for its deficiencies but instead, it is not even providing the clients with the most basic offers. I would advise the customers not to waste time and money on ordering from such websites. At the same time, I would also advise the company to adopt a professional attitude and do something about this huge flaw.

Conclusion is a website that claims to be one of the best, yet lacks in so many aspects. I was unable to find any customer reviews on this website despite the fact that it has been working for more than 10 years. Scamadviser does not fully support the working of Canadian Pharmacy King as it has mentioned that the site might be associated with a small amount of risk. Also, there are no discounts that this drug store offers to its customers. It is, however, appreciable that the store sells drugs at a very cheap price list. I will give 1 out of 5 rating to Canadian Pharmacy King and will advise the customers to research more about this pharmacy in other aspects before deciding to order from here.

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