Ipharmacylist.com Review – Uninviting Store which Scammed Clients

Ipharmacylist.com Review – Uninviting Store which Scammed Clients

Ipharmacylist.com is unlike the other online shops because of its retro vibe. The modest template for this site reminds me of online pharmacies from the early 90s, as this online drugstore has little graphics, which makes the store slightly dull. Based on IPharmacy List’s information, it is a “trusted and legal” source for cheap or low-cost products where buyers can save up to 50% in product costs. Also, the shop advertises a no-risk shopping experience, as Ipharmacylist.com assures the safety of the consumers when shopping their meds on the store.

This store has skimpy information when it comes to its history and concrete business details. The shop did not have a dedicated information section, so I am kind of in the dark when it comes to shop’s details. It helps for stores to share their details with its clients, and shops not sharing their information with the buyers feel sketchy. IPharmacy List did not also reveal where it sources its medications from, but since it advertises generic products, the store most likely sources its meds from India.

Not all products on Ipharmacylist.com may be bought without prescriptions. According to the shop, you must provide the proper prescriptions for some products, but Ipharmacylist.com is willing to help you get the Rx you need for the meds. Consumers are encouraged to get membership on the website so they can have access to its prescription referral service.

As for the available products, Ipharmacylist.com sells meds for allergies, diabetes, eye care, headaches, men’s health, heart health, and other medical concerns. Meds for men’s health available on Ipharmacylist.com are abundant—the store has a long list of products accessible for its clients. Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are not the only ones available in the store; the shop also has Caverject, Depo-Testosterone, Androgel, and various others. But since the impotence meds are only the ones I am primarily concerned about, I just checked the prices for at least Cialis and Viagra.

Both brand and generic items are available on IPharmacy List, and the store has an extensive price list for all of its medications. It is a bit confusing to shop on Ipharmacylist.com because of too many arbitrarily-arranged prices for one single drug. One of the cheapest price listings for generic Cialis 20 mg is $67.99 for 20 pills and for generic Viagra 100 mg is $99 for 20 tablets. The prices for the meds here are actually higher than the average product cost for the same products on other online pharmacies.

I did not have any chance to check the shipping charged by the store as for some reason, I was unable to do a checkout for the products I am eyeing on the store. Because of this, I was also unable to determine which payment methods are honored by the store.

You can reach the store using its contact page and you can ask about its guarantees and refunds since the shop does not state anything concerning lost packages or damaged pills.

Ipharmacylist.com Reviews

IPharmacy List has one review for its past service and judging by the user’s comment for the store, Ipharmacylist.com appears to be a scam site instead of a trustworthy place to shop meds from.

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According to Jane B (posted December 2010), during the time of her comment, she was already waiting for her orders for 130 days. The store gave her numerous excuses about her order, and her order never arrived. She lost $286.87 to the store.

Ipharmacylist.com Reviews 2017

Aside from the negative review posted on Pharmacies Review, IPharmacy List did not have more recent comments or complaints about its service. The shop may have been inactive during the past years and therefore did not have any more clients. However, I still need to evaluate Ipharmacylist.com, so I used several platforms to check on the store instead.

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Using Scamner, I was able to determine that the store is a 0/100 shop with regards to its trust rating. The online platform gave the shop a poor rating due to its missing SSL certificate and because its owner is using a service to hide its identity and location. Scamner.com argued that the store is not safe to browse or to purchase products from.

image2 4

I also used Legit Script to assess the store’s domain, but instead of finding a good report for I Pharmacy List, the store was given a bad rating (the shop was declared a “rogue” site) and buyers were also advised to refrain from using this store due to the risks imposed by using the shop for purchases.

Ipharmacylist.com Coupon Codes

I found no coupon codes for buyers on Ipharmacylist.com, which is quite disappointing. The product prices on the store are already expensive, to begin with, and without deals to mitigate the product prices, the buyers can be burdened by the meds costs on the shop.


I Pharmacy List is a simple, uninviting store without much to it. The store is unattractive and has no concrete data for its service, and the store does not disclose where it sources its meds from. One bad consumer grievance is available for the store, and it is from a buyer who never received her order from the shop. Because of this, I am rating Ipharmacylist.com 1 out of 5 and ask you to consider other online drugstores.

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