Review – Potentially Hazardous Meds Seller Review – Potentially Hazardous Meds Seller is an online pharmacy which operates from Canada. The drugstore is offering savings up to 70% off when compared to the local prices. Maple Leaf Meds is a partner of several Canadian pharmacies to guarantee a supply of licensed and secure medications. The store only supplies those who possess a valid prescription for their meds. Canadians can always ask for help and the store staff will ensure a doctor’s evaluation beforehand.

Maple Leaf Meds is approved by CIPA, therefore is a completely licensed pharmacy. The shop claims to deliver the meds faster than any other e-drugstores. The meds are delivered within 2-4 weeks, which is clearly not the fastest shipping I’ve seen.

I can get generic Viagra for only $0.81 per pill, generic Levitra for $0.83, and generic Cialis for $0.89. After submitting my prescription, I can pay for my meds using personal checks. e-Checks, American Express or international money orders.

Maple Leaf Meds limits its clientele, though. Only resident citizens of Puerto Rico, Canada, and the United States are allowed to place their orders here.

The shipping costs vary according to the weight of the package, thus I can’t say for sure. The right amount will appear at checkout. Typically, the average cost for US packages is $9.95 via USPS.

As any other licensed pharmacy, the store doesn’t accept returns. Refunds are given to lost packages or damaged in transit.

Customer service should be contacted via phone (US toll-free number: 1-866-868-2303). Reviews

Independent reviews from this website are non-existing. However, I was able to realize a few reviews displayed on website.

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One review was written by a consumer called Charles G who was very happy with the BuySafe Guarantee, describing it as a “great addition”. He also shares that Maple Lead Meds gave him peace of mind with such strategy. Don is also very content with its purchase, labeling himself as a “very satisfied customer”. He is also quite satisfied with Maple Leaf Meds BuySAFE policy comparing it as “butter on the bread”.

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I assume this Buysafe guarantee is something that consumers seem to enjoy severely. However, I cannot approve these reviews as there’s a chance they might be fake.

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Reviews that are not displayed on independent websites can be controlled by the pharmacy, thus we should always read them suspiciously. I’m not saying with certainty that Maple Leaf Meds is manipulating them, but we need to be prepared for such possibility.

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After a much more extensive research, I retrieved one review from the standard On this platform, which only allows real and attested clients to share their feedback, a consumer described his shopping experience with Maple Leaf Meds in 2012.

What he wrote is unpleasant and disappointing. John L. called Maple Leaf Meds a “rip off company” that changed his drug from a brand-name medicine to a generic. John believed he was buying the branded version as he paid “3 times as much” plus shipping. The consumer even mentioned the pharmacy charged for shipping without his consent. Obviously, John will “never use them again” and will only trust Maple Leaf Meds on a “dying stray cat”.

Without solid commentaries, the pharmacy’s reputation gets down to this old review. Thus, I can’t trust my money nor my health to Maple Leaf Meds. Reviews 2017

I have more than enough reasons to don’t let my guard down with but one bad review is not enough to judge a pharmacy’s credibility. I verified what Scam Adviser and Legit Script had to say about this pharmacy’s reputation.


I later discovered that Maple Leaf Meds is listed as an unapproved pharmacy by Legit Script, which is far a better rating than what most pharmacies get with this analyzer. The reasons why Maple Leaf Meds fall into that category are quite simple: the store is not compliant with the necessary requirements to be an online pharmacy.

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Scam Adviser also noted Maple Leaf Meds was once threat listed, explaining the sudden disappearing of the store once before. The site’s domain is from Canada, but the pharmacy’s true location is being hidden.

I’d recommend finding a much more decent pharmacy to buy ED meds. Coupon Codes

The only way I can get a discount with if I take advantage of its referrals program. The proceeding is very simple: I click on Maple Leaf Meds adequate place and fill an easy submission form with a friend or family member email. The pharmacy will then provide me with free shipping on my next order. The referred person will also enjoy this offer.

Moreover, the store promises savings between 30-70% off the local drugstores by ordering my meds from Maple Leaf Meds.

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Conclusion was a store that was unavailable for some time and has recently returned with its full force. The pharmacy’s reputation is quite low as shown by the scam analysis results given by Scam Adviser and Legit Script. Maple Leaf Meds is an unapproved pharmacy store with major operational problems. The pharmacy has a very low trust rating based on Scam Adviser’an investigation and has been threat listed before. The only reliable reviews available are from an angry customer from 2012. The consumer complained the pharmacy charged him, allegedly, for a brand-name product but shipped a much cheaper generic version without his permission.

Maple Leaf Meds credibility is completely compromised and I won’t trust the pharmacy. I hope it improved over the years. The site gets a 2-star rating.

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