Review – Site with no Customer Ratings and Mixed Scam Analysis Reports Review – Site with no Customer Ratings and Mixed Scam Analysis Reports was established in 2004 and although the site does not specify it, I’m assuming because of the name, that it is situated in Canada. Although it does specify that the site ships medicines shipped from India.

The online pharmacy sells drugs for a number of ailments. These include medications for skin care, cholesterol, blood pressure, birth control, sleeping aid, weight loss and many more. The minimum cost of a Viagra pill is 0.67 USD for a single 25mg pill. The sites state that all their products are FDA approved. However, users do not need to submit a prescription for order placement.

For ordering from My Canada Store, customers can currently pay via any of these methods: Visa Card, Master Card, JCB and Diners Club. The online pharmacy claims to deliver medication throughout the world. Shipping is done either through Express Courier or Airmail. In the case where customers choose Express courier, package delivery is made within 3 days. On the other hand, delivery via Airmail takes 7-12 days. The site, however, does not specify the shipping cost for these two modes.

My Canada Store has a clearly defined refund policy. They compensate full charges if they deliver wrong packages or are unable to make the delivery. For customers unsatisfied with their delivery, the store allows 30-day return back with a refund of the total medication fee and a deduction of 10 USD. In case of delay in delivery, customers can claim a free re-ship or refund.

To get some insights about the shipping charges, I decided to contact customer service via message but found their customer service of poor as they did not reply me. Reviews has absolutely no external or internal online testimonials and reviews. Lack of reviews for a vendor specifies only one thing i.e. the vendor cannot be trusted with any purchases and has a reputation that can’t be determined. Reviews are probably the most important factor that helps in making decision-related to dealing with the site and in the absence of any reviews, it is usually suggested for the customers to deal with a trustable online store instead of risking their money with a potential scam vendor.

The absence of any online reviews make My Canada Store a suspicious e-pharmacy and there is a high chance of jeopardizing and involvement of fraudulent dealing or bad business practices on the vendor’s behalf. Users should, therefore, avoid making deals with this pharmacy until its reputation is known. Reviews 2017

To my wonderment, the site’s scam report as provided by Scam Advisor were actually positive. The results from the analysis suggest that the site has high trust rating and looks safe for use and to be purchased from by the customers. The website, however, has a short life expectancy and has been in operation from a very short time.

Scam reports from Legit Script, on the other hand, specify that the site is actually a rogue pharmacy. This means that the online pharmacy is either involved in fraudulent business, does not follow the approved medical standards or does not abide by the law specified for such dealings.

I also consulted the results from to get an insight on which of the previous results are exact and found out that these results were more close to the results from Legit Script as compared to those from Scam Advisor. This scam report specifies that the site has a high-risk country associated with it and the owner of the site’s identity is not known as he is using a service to hide his identity.

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image1 7 Coupon Codes

Just like lack of user reviews, provides almost no coupon codes or discount deals for its customers to avail. Funnily enough, they have mentioned on their landing page that users can save more money (as compared to other online stores) while ordering from them yet there is no hint of any coupon deal of their site. They, however, like many other online pharmaceutical stores, do offer considerably lower price per pill and some bonus pills on large orders. For instance, on order of 10 Viagra pills, cost of 1 pill is charged 3.30 USD. Whereas, the same pill, if ordered in a large quantity of say 270 pills, can be delivered at a rate of 0.79 USD per pill and users can also get 10 extra pills and free delivery.

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Conclusion has been serving customers for a quiet long now and provides a wide range of drugs for customers. Operating from Canada, the site provides FDA approved drugs. However, the site has no customer reviews and the site scam analysis reports suggest that the site might be involved in bad practices.

I am giving my-canada-store a bad rating of 2 out of 5 since there is a big chance that the site is involved in illegitimate business and does not deal fairly with customers. The main factors that forced me to give the site such a rating include the absence of customer reviews, mixed site analysis results and lack of some good discount deals.

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