Review – Stay Away from this Fraudulent Drug Store Review – Stay Away from this Fraudulent Drug Store is said to be one of the leading online pharmacies that deal in prescription drugs since 2004. It is claimed to be trusted by thousands of clients every year. The drug store is in contact with some trustable and internationally famous dispensaries from which it fills its stocks and provides it to the customers. The company claims that the health of its customers is the primary concern of North DrugStore. In addition to providing the clients with effective medications, North DrugStore entertains a group of highly trained and qualified staff to help answer any queries from the customers’ side. This is because customer care is also considered to be a priority of this drug store. All types of drugs are available at this website, some of which require a prescription before purchasing and have been marked with ‘Rx’. Medicines can be bought in an amount sufficient for up to 3 months in one go. Controlled substances like opiates, steroids, etc. are not sold at this store. The store is also a member of CIPA and also provides generic medications as an alternative to expensive medications offered by different brands. Surprisingly, there is no list of medications provided by the company on its website. I was able to find generic Viagra by searching for it. A prescription is required to purchase 100 mg generic Viagra from North DrugStore which is priced at an expensive cost of 2.243 US Dollars.

For protecting the information of billing, the standard encryption method is used by the pharmacy. There are a lot of choices for making payment. Customers can pay for their orders via credit cards, international money order, personal checks, automatic bank withdrawal and international postal money order. 1 to 3 days are required by the pharmacy to process for prescription orders and dispatch them. claims that it provides an efficient and rapid delivery service, however, the company used for this purpose has not been specified on the website. Delivery charges are flat 10 US Dollars for all the orders and the parcel usually reaches its destination between 7 to 10 days. A maximum of 21 days is required for the parcel to reach its respective location. North DrugStore has given out a local number i.e. 1-866-940-3784 and an international number to its customers in order to contact the company. A contact form can also be filled in order to inquire about any confusions. There is no live chat offered at the moment. Customers can return their products within 30 days if they are not satisfied with it. Reviews

A lot of customer reviews are posted on different reviewing websites about NorthDrugStore. One of these comments is made by Craig Daley who says that this store does not “honor its price guarantee”. He further explained by saying that he found the prices of some immunosuppressant drugs quite high at North DrugStore and he made comparisons of its prices with those offered at other online pharmacies but North DrugStore refused to cooperate. He said that the pharmacy kept making lame excuses for calling it a “special price” or “promotion for your area”. Craig said that this was an attempt to “dodge” the price guarantee and suggested the customers stay away from this website as there is no guarantee of the product quality either.


Doris Falls was another customer who said that he was prescribed a medication that was too expensive for her to afford. So, she went online to see if there was any store offering it at low prices and she found NorthDrugStore. She said that it took a lot of time to fax her prescription and afterward she was asked to fax her “bank details” to the store which she called as the “first clue” proving the fakeness of the store. She got a call shortly and she was asked to confirm her bank information to which she refused and urged to talk to the boss. She said that she “tried calling” but no one picked up the call and finally after a few hours, she was asked for her bank details again.  Doris said that she called her bank afterward where she came to know that the company might “clean out” her bank account so, she shut it down. She proposed at the end not to do business with North DrugStore.


T Lotia was another customer who complained about the “price match” where they refused to honor it. The customer said that she would never want to order from this store again. Reviews 2016

Because there were no reviews regarding made in 2016, I checked for LegitScript.


It was mentioned by LegitScript that North DrugStore has been unapproved as it has not been able to clear its position successfully. In other words, LegitScript was not sure if it was a valid website or not.


Scamadviser has also flagged it as red because it is associated with high risk. It is mentioned in the report that North DrugStore that claims to be in the United States might actually be working from Barbados. Coupon Codes

North DrugStore has been quite vague about its discounts. It has a banner that shows that a customer can save up to 90 percent on the prescription drugs he orders from here.


However, it has not been mentioned anywhere how clients can avail this discount or which drugs are liable to it.


To conclude, I can say that NorthDrugStore is not safe for doing online business. The company claims to be one of the finest ones on the internet, but the customer reviews are quite the opposite. The customers who have tried it out say that it is a scam and does not even honor its own policies. Hence, scores 1 out of 5 on my rating with an advice to the customers to stay away from it.

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