Review – Most-Reviewed Store with Mostly Negative Recent Consumer Comments Review – Most-Reviewed Store with Mostly Negative Recent Consumer Comments is another Canadian Pharmacy which sports a number of accreditations such as TRUSTe, Trust Guard, Norton, and Shopper Approved, as well as memberships with IPABC and CIPA Rx, which are two famed pharmacy organizations in Canada. Unlike other online pharmacies with the aforementioned memberships and certifications, North Western Pharmacy even offers the links to these websites to verify its affiliation and approval claims. The shop boasts about having more than 250,000 reviews to date, and also asserts to be the world’s most (independently) 5-star rated online pharmacy, to assure its clients of great service.

Northwestern Pharmacy’s affiliations with CIPA Rx and IPABC denote that it is located in Canada, and the store also indicated Canada as its office address on the FAQ and contact sections of the website. However, there is no information for its history, so I can’t tell when this shop started operating.  

The store’s products are classified into prescription medications, non-prescription medications, and pet medications. According to, it requires the provision proper Rx orders (along with the needed documents for identity verification) for prescription products. implements a stringent policy when it comes to Rx orders, and the store does not allow the dispensation of prescriptions without the needed documents. Concerning where the products come from, states that it is able to ship out medication orders from Canada, Europe, Mauritius, Turkey, Singapore, India, and the United States, via its fulfillment centers and affiliates located in the mentioned locations.

There is no product list on the store so buyers should manually search their medications on the shop. Because of this, I manually searched for the shop’s Viagra and Cialis stocks, and found out that the store has the brand-name product and still provides the generic alternatives for buyers wanting to save in product costs. Brand Viagra 100 mg from Pfizer is available for at least $58.09 (4 pills), while the generic alternative provided by the store is available for a minimum of $45.39 (4 pills). Cialis 20 mg is available in brand-name ($81.19 for 4 pills) and generic ($38.59 for 4 pills) variants as well. For some of these products, offers free shipping, but for the ones without the “free shipping” note, the store asks for roughly $10. All the products are shipped by the store via international mail.

You can pay for your orders on Northwestern Pharmacy using international money orders and personal checks and the shop excludes the use of credit cards as payment methods valid on the shop. offers a 14-day satisfaction guarantee (from the date of product receipt), but the store does not discuss its actions for lost orders. You can contact the store using its details posted on the shop’s contact and FAQ pages. does not offer any live chat support, so you’ll have to use the shop’s numbers and its email to reach the reps to assist you with your questions. Reviews

North Western Pharmacy indeed has a lot of reviews from its former consumers, and from various online platforms. Here are some reviews for from Reseller Ratings, one external review platform:

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Smith1090, who posted his comment for on the site on September 2016, gave the store 5 out of 5 for its service. According to the customer, he’s been using the store for years and the shop’s been reliable, although shipping took a while.

image2 8

Earlier reviews for the store were also positive. Helpthehelpless, one of the consumers who posted on 2015, mentioned that during the time of his comment, he’s been ordering from the shop for 3 years. The reason why the user gave the store 4 out of 5 due to the almost 4-week product transit time and the shop’s shift to personal checks and international money orders as the acceptable payment options on the store.

image3 9

Despite the good reviews for the store, Northwestern Pharmacy also gained a considerable number of bad reports for its service. One of the negative commenters, LDGoo, gave only 1 out of 5 stars because of the poor product he received from the store, which jeopardized his health. According to him, the Advair he received from the store was ineffective and gave him Sjogren’s disease instead of treating his asthma symptoms. After stopping the use of the product, the side effects stopped. The buyer advised consumers to stay away from the store. Reviews 2016

Out of the 54 reviews posted on Reseller Ratings for, the overall rating for the shop was only 4.58 out of 10 stars.

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The most recent of the reviews posted for, from Kreza (posted March 2017), was a complaint for the shop’s inability to ship her order. She ordered late January and has not received her order yet—the shop gave the user excuses and in the end, the buyer still received nothing from the store.

image4 6 Source:

A December 2016 review for was also negative—OkieJohn gave the store 1/5 for its service. His complaint about the store was for its fluctuating prices; according to him, Northwestern Pharmacy stores its consumers’ IP addresses and changes the prices for the products.

Although the shop still has positive reviews from 2016, the bad overall score of reflects its buyers distrust for its service. Coupon Codes does not offer coupon codes for its buyers, but the shop gives free shipping for select products. There are some product bundles labeled with “free shipping”, and the store appears to label them arbitrarily.

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No coupon offers and discount schemes are available on at this time, so buyers should wait for seasonal discounts from this shop instead.


I found it disappointing that the most-reviewed online pharmacy has negative reviews from other web platforms besides Trust Pilot. Reseller Ratings’ average rating for is a low 4.8/10 stars, and it is due to the majority of negative comments aimed at the store’s service.

Although claims to be a reliable place to shop from, its negative reviews deter me from trusting the store for my medical needs. I am giving the store only 2 out of 5 and I recommend transacting with with care.

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