Online RX Review – An Online Pharmacy Network Offering Everything You Need

Online RX Review – An Online Pharmacy Network Offering Everything You Need

Online RX is a network of drugstores made up of different domain addresses which will land the consumer on the same website. This network has been operating since the year 1997. This means that the pharmacy has a 20-year experience. The pharmacy network is approved by the local body that regulates how online pharmacies operate in Manitoba. The organization is known as MIPA. Online RX has managed to get recognition from CIPA and Pharmacy Checker. This means that the pharmacy operates legally and it has invested in making its online business dealings legitimate.

The pharmacy only accepts payments which have been made using either a Mastercard or a VISA credit card. This is a good thing because people have the ability to shop at Online Rx pharmacies confidently since they know they have the power to dispute any charges made to their credit cards any time they feel like doing so. You will notice a large number of pharmacies that resemble each other and all claiming that they are in the Online RX network. The key thing here is to remain cautious since there are duplicate websites which have been created by scammers looking to trick people and steal from them. You won’t realize that you are being conned until you have been conned, your money is gone and even your credit card data has also been stolen and sold to shady people.

Online RX Reviews

To make sure that we prove to you that Online RX is a great pharmacy network, we have looked for its reviews. The following are some of these reviews:

Online RX Testimonials

The people giving the above testimonials are from different parts of the world. This shows that online RX focuses on serving people from all over the world. Delivery of the medications from online RX pharmacies as the first customer has confirmed is okay.

Another consumer indicates that after a long time, she managed to smile after dealing with online RX. The pharmacy network is great to her. The meds were delivered on time and everything was okay. As the third reviewer confirms, placing your order at online RX will not take much of your time. It is easy and the processing commences immediately. All that the final reviewer says about online RX is that he has enjoyed the experience that he has had while dealing with online RX.

Online RX Online

To locate a real pharmacy that operates under the Online RX pharmacy network, you will need to have the right domain address. As we had mentioned earlier on, some fake pharmacies have the same look as the real pharmacies in the Online RX pharmacy network. This means that you may get scammed even when you least expect it. An Online RX pharmacy will have the following look:

Online RX Homepage

Every pharmacy in the Online RX pharmacy network will have the title Pharmacy Mall. The tagline that you find will always read “#1 drugstore since 1997”. You will have the ability to choose the language that you understand best from the 5 languages available on the website. The currencies to choose from are 16. This means that there is no need for doing any calculations or making conversions just to make your payment.

It does not matter which medication you need. You will get everything you need at any one of the drugstores operating under the Online RX. The medications available can be used to treat a wide range of health conditions including erectile dysfunction, moderate to severe pains, diabetes, heart health conditions, hair loss, high blood pressure and more.

For people who are worried that they will not get access to medication because they don’t have a prescription from their doctor, Online RX network pharmacies are a good place to source the meds. The pharmacy does not stock any controlled medications. You will not find any narcotics. This allows them to sell medications even to people who don’t have a prescription. It is always a good idea to ensure that you have a prescription for the meds you purchase to avoid overdosing and messing your own health. Every payment that Online RX handles is safe. The pharmacies utilize the SSL security to make sure that hackers are kept at bay.

Online RX Coupon Codes

Online RX offers their customers a chance to pay as little as possible. We added two packs of metformin 360 pills. The price for the total package is supposed to be $387.82. However, the order sum that we were supposed to pay is $349.04. Online RX network pharmacies automatically applied a 10% discount.

Online RX Discounts

There are free bonus pills to choose from. The shipping is covered by the Online RX pharmacy if your order exceeds $200.

Online RX Phone Numbers

If you are placing your order and get stuck or just need clarification, there are two number that you can use to achieve any one of these. These numbers are +4420-3239-7092 and +1-718-487-9792. If you cannot reach anyone using the two phone numbers or you just prefer to communicate via text, you have the ability to reach out to the support team using their contact form available in their contact page.

Online RX Spam and Phone Calls

We spent a lot of time trying to figure out whether there is anyone who had been spammed by Online RX network pharmacies. There was no evidence available online to support that Online RX is a scammer. The only comments related to Online RX pharmacies that we could find were all full of praises for the pharmacies. Numerous people claimed they would even recommend the pharmacy to other people.


After looking at every aspect of the online pharmacy network known as the Online RX, we have come to conclude that this is a network that deserves a 5-star rating. All that the pharmacy has got online are positive comments from people from different parts of the world. These people indicate that the medications the pharmacy sent to them did not take long before they arrived. The pharmacy staff made sure that they kept them updated on the status of their meds during the shipping process.

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