Review – Pharmacy with Doubtful Policies Review – Pharmacy with Doubtful Policies has been in operation since 2000. On their website, they boast that they specialize in competitively priced men’s health care. I am uncertain of their headquarters or any location they operate in because the information was not very visible or accessible on their website. Their main assortment is generic drugs tasked with the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Their most popular drugs are: Generic Viagra which can cost roughly $75 for 60 pills plus the customer gets 10 free with the purchase, Generic Cialis at a cost of $99 for 60 pills (if you spend more you’ll benefit from the free pills offer), Kamagra Jelly 35 sachets for $99, Caverta $99 for 60 pills and Forzest $99 for 60 pills as well.

All their products are 100% FDA approved and reviewed and they have on staff a registered, qualified pharmacist. Several payment methods are available to include credit cards (brands not specified), BitCoin, Western Union, eCheck and Bank Transfers, so if you don’t own a credit card there is nothing to worry about. They guarantee that their site is safe and secured. As for shipping, it’s done within 24 hours to allow the customer enough time to cancel before the order is dispatched. It takes 7-15 days for shipments to the US, UK, Spain, France, Australia and Japan. Express shipping is offered to the US only but they do ship globally, offer many discounts and in some instances free shipping. There is a flat rate of $30 for when these promotions are not applicable.

A chat window does exist. In fact they encourage it so much that it “pops up” without you clicking on it. I attempted to use it but got frustrated after attempting to have a chat with Anna for 10 minutes to ask about their location and refund policy. Then I got to this part of the article and she still hadn’t responded so I gave up. There is a form customer can fill out in the contact us section but I lack the patience to wait to get a response that may or may not come. Like I mentioned before, I do not know if they offer refunds.

image7 3 Reviews

So these reviews were taken from the seller’s website and are very inspiring. John Smith (didn’t realize we were in Pocahontas ) is very satisfied with the results he got from the product and is surprised by the results; hopefully she was too! Eric of USA is a regular customer and advises that you only buy products online from a reputable and trusted pharmacy. He boasts of excellent service and safe products that he recommends. Andrew Smith of Australia, therefore no relation to John or he probably could have recommended John talks about the staff, the free shipping and how satisfied he is with the results.

image5 7

There were no independent reviews so I wonder if these reviews are all skewed? Also notice that there are no dates attached to these reviews. After all what is the coincidence of having a John and Johnson and two Smith’s commenting consecutively? Maybe the person creating the comments lacked originality and had a really hard time coming up with names or was watching Pocahontas with their kid, we don’t know. What I usually do when I can only generate comments from the seller’s website is check their authenticity and legitimacy with scam adviser and legitscript. Reviews 2016

So we have conflicting results here, the legit script says they are rogue and scam adviser says that they have a high trust rating. Who are you going to believe?

image3 11

Well let me tell you about me, I am a believer in the mathematical signs, remember we learned in school that a negative and positive gave a negative result. I am going to apply that logic here.

image4 8

For those of you who are still uncertain, what I like to do is look for reviews on social media but they don’t have a Facebook page so I’m going to have to stick with my negative analysis. Coupon Codes

We all like freeness, well some persons a little more than others. No shame in that. But hey if you’re a dealer this “Free Shipment on all Bulk Orders” is for you or I don’t know you may want to share it with your friends and well it could be a good gift.

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Anyways, on the website there are currently other promotions like return customers getting 20% off discounts and free pills! Then on the bottom left corner you can get yourself some free samples. There is a sale where you can get 10-80 extra pills or sachets in the case of the Kamagra Jelly depending on how much money is spent.  There is a coupon code and 10% cashback on all orders. So very tempting I must admit.


On a scale of 1 to 5, I’d give this company a rating of 2; just because they are listed as a rogue pharmacy, their chat is unresponsive and there is no information about their location or refunds. Also the Western Union is a bit extreme kind of payment method don’t you think? But then it may actually be a good idea if you don’t want the purchase to show up on your credit card or bank statements.

Yes, they offer so many deals, their website is intuitive but I cannot in good conscience enter my bank details into their payment form. I am 100% skeptic and would find myself awake all night wondering if my product will ever reach and thinking the worst; that I’d been scammed or that my identity was stolen. The product may reach but then it just as well may not.

To all men, even women reading this, I know that you may want an improved sex life or just a little something to create excitement in the bedroom. Nothing is wrong with that but please search for a reputable organization that would guarantee delivery to your door, not this organization that creates uncertainty and doubt

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