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Today I’m reviewing one of the UK’s most trusted online supplier of genuine branded and generic medicines, known as This UK-based company has been a provider of authentic medicines since 2006, guaranteeing to be a legal trader and licensed pharmacy according to all UK laws and health regulations. The store offers meds at lower prices than local drugstores, particularly on ED medicines, and conveniently ships the meds within the UK free of charge. UKmeds4U also ships meds internationally for an extra fee of GBP 10.

The company provides medicines mainly related to men’s health including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and hair loss. The pharmacy also offers medications to help to manage obesity-related problems. A box of Pfizer’s Viagra containing 4 tablets of the 100mg variant can be obtained for £64.99, whereas its correspondent generic costs only £49.99. As for Cialis, only the branded version is available: 4 pills of 20 mg can be acquired for £76.99. The same happens with Levitra. A box of 4 tablets (20mg) of Bayer’s Levitra costs £70.99. I must say the prices are not cheap when compared to Indian manufactured generics. Nevertheless, they are still more affordable than most local drugstores.

The store accepts as forms of payment the standard credit and debit cards: Visa and MasterCard. Since I’m a person that likes to have insurances in case something happens, I checked what are return and refund policies. I didn’t find any specific information concerning that regard. UKMeds4U kindly asks customers to contact customer service in case of lost, misplaced, or damaged packages. Returns are also possible as long as clients do not tamper with the packaging of the products. If the store issues a full refund or reships the meds, I don’t know as it wasn’t disclosed in its policies page.

The pharmacy doesn’t have any online chat. Customers who wish to contact the store must leave a message on its contact form or send an e-mail to the following address: [email protected]

The store offers free telephone consultation for those who don’t have a prescription. For that, clients must call +44 161 710 2871. Reviews looks like a pretty awesome shop but, like any other e-shop, I must verify its credibility by looking at what former customers have to say. There is no better way to ascertain a pharmacy’s reputation than going through customers’ reviews. If consumers are happy with UKMeds4u then it’s very likely I will be as well.

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For my own very pleasure, I did find testimonials on an external website. Reliable and verified customers shared on their experiences with which, I must say, are very positive.

For example, D Tamma awarded UKmeds4U 5 stars, saying it was a “great pleasure” to be a customer of this company. Tamma describes the pharmacy as “honest” and “trustworthy” and never had any problem with

Jimmy45 is another user who is very pleased with the service provided by He is a “happy customer”, particularly due to the pharmacy’s “good prices” and “perfect quality” products.

Houghting is another user that characterizes this store services as “great”. This consumer has been, apparently, using for “many years” and “highly” recommends other people to use it. The service is “excellent” and the meds are always delivered in the next day. has a tremendous amount of good and cheerful reviews. I have nothing against the pharmacy and I’m quite compelled to purchase something. Reviews 2016

The pharmacy has won quite a substantial reputation over the past few years. The more I read the testimonials of previous clients, the more I feel like is an amazing and solid e-pharmacy.

John M also “highly” recommends using this drugstore. He has been a client for some time and “never had a problem” with his orders. Moreover, the packages are always delivered “very quickly”.

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Ed considers himself to be a “very impressed” with “discreet and professional” services. According to Ed, the drugstore is very helpful as it offers an “excellent customer service”. Ed also recommends other customers to use

Neil is another customer pleased with the store’s “good service”. This customer only wants to have the previous deliveries to post offices that UKmeds4U used to have.

Again, I have nothing to complain about this pharmacy. These reliable reviews are more than enough proof to say that is a highly trustable internet pharmacy. Coupon Codes

Besides the price and overall effectiveness of the services, another important factor to consider before purchasing something from an is its extra offers. E-commerce sites must use discount sections and other marketing techniques to lure customers and to ensure their loyalty. Ultimately, I will end up buying from the store that allows me to save money.

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When I was scrolling through I haven’t seen any dedicated section to discounts or special offers, sadly.

However, the store is providing a free delivery for any customer living in the UK. It’s even more convenient than buying meds at the local drugstore!

Conclusion seems to have almost the significant factors of a great online pharmacy. The pharmacy caterers branded medications at considerable and much more affordable rates than local drugstores. Moreover, provides a free doctor consultation for every order, ensuring that prescription-only meds are submitted during the purchase. The meds are sourced in the UK; thus, I believe these meds are approved by the correspondent FDA agency in Europe.

I would definitely purchase my meds here after seeing the many outstanding reviews for this pharmacy. Clients shared their experience with the store on external sources of reviews, thus I know they are verified and authentic testimonials. is characterized as a great store, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

As for the prices, I believe they are fair. Obviously, UK-produced drugs cannot compare to the rock bottom prices offered by Indian pharmaceuticals but, at least, I’m more confident regarding their quality.

In conclusion, I have nothing bad to say about this store. Some occasional discounts would be nicer. However, still is a highly credible vendor and, therefore, I’m awarding it a 5 out of 5 rating.

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