Review – Illegal Online Shop with False Information Review – Illegal Online Shop with False Information is an online pharmacy that supplies branded and generic narcotics. My reproductive therapy gets me to this site where privacy is core, as I’m guaranteed in the ‘About Us’ section that goes ahead to ascertain my satisfaction in the business of purchasing erectile dysfunction medications.  The beautiful home page that makes use of a good blend of colors has a table of amounts of drugs, their prices and coins, I’m to spare if I transact with it. The cost of a 25mg generic Viagra in a  pack of ten is $20.60; this saves me $ 1.50 while that of a 10mg ten pack of generic Cialis is$ 31.99; Other drugs that make my view are inclusive of, Levitra, Forzest and Zenegra.  Excitement originates as I compare the carefully thought prices to the escalated ones I get to pay for the same pack of Viagra. My next move is to get a stream of answers from the usual details accompanying an order from the ‘FAQ’ tab.

I skim through and stop at realizing; the generics sold here are FDA-approved.  Finding that it does not need a prescription from me is in line with most online shops. As I go through the long list of questions, I realize that the modes of payment are within my comfort that is; Visa, Master Card and eChecks are all accepted. I take a look at the two shipping options one being the easy to track Express Mail Service for deliveries of within (5-9) days with a maximum of 14days. The second option is to make use of a 30 days maximum Standard airmail often taking (14-21) days to deliver my package void of tracking means. Since its refund policy is the shipping of my order if not a cash refund; perhaps the package is wanting or fails to find its way to my doorstep. The only question that is yet to be addressed is on the shipping charges I’m likely to incur. I decided to contact the customer support via a live chat contrary to making a toll free call or filling in a contact form.

image2 14 I initiate a chat with the friendly customer support team by asking a question after the other. The prompt response informs me that the drug store operates from Cyprus and that I will part with $30 for the EMS delivery whereas the standard airmail requires only $10 for the shipping service. To find out more on the quality of these services, I click the ‘Testimonials’ button. Reviews

Roberto Revillon appreciates for the ‘ comprehensive support’ he got concerning the shipping process of an order he had made.

Eric Anderson gives a reason to be ‘satisfied with it’ as he was adequately directed on how to place his order via a call after being skeptical about the cheaply priced shop. He was also informed about the delivery services which convinced him to place an order that was delivered in 10 days with proper packing.

image1 14

Sydney from Churchill seems impressed by the integrity of the site which provides’ low prices’ compared to others and delivered two of her orders as ‘promised‘.

I am aware that customer satisfaction is an integral part of every business; however, not all clients appreciate the services.  I begin to suspect that the owners of the site might have tampered with the comments by presenting only the positive ones. Reviews 2016

To avoid making a false accusation, I search the web for more reviews from other places. To my surprise, I come across a similar list of comments from various sites thus lending a hand from scam checkers to investigate further.

According to, Viagrashop24h is 51% safe and has an undefined location either in USA or Russian Federation. Recalling the feedback from the support team stating that it’s located in Cyprus stirs my research. Noting that the domain has been in use for four years with unknown popularity, I make the realization that the pharmacy reviews report in 2013 had enlisted it as Rogue.

image3 15

I swallow a bitter chunk of saliva as I confirm the report to be true according to The detailed report informs me that, is short of the expected standards and regulations that govern online pharmacies. The said standards guide on the safety and distribution of drugs. It reminds me that the site does not demand prescriptions from its clients, an offence per the pharmaceutical authorities.

image5 11

Customer reviews are paramount in determining the services offered by online shops; this store lacks genuine reviews according to the marking its second offence. The final reason qualifying this site to be a rogue is that its WHOIS is only seven months old. Coupon Codes

Nothing inspires me than spending less for my daily ED remedies. This shop enables me to save $ 10 for my semi-annual supply of Viagra through a free shipping bonus via a standard airmail. The same applies if I make any other order so long as it amounts to$200.

image4 12

Allow me to organize my thoughts on the quantities to order so that I can maximally benefit from the low prices and a free shipping service. I am also entitled to a 10% discount if I make yet another attempt to buy from the store after my initial order


I’m grateful for the pleasant experience of chatting with the support team, however, relaying false information about their experience and location is not professional. The issue of replicating reviews to entice potential customers makes me not to recommend the shop at all. Bending of legal requirements that safeguard me as a consumer makes the situation even more shameful. After putting the ratings of in considerations, I decided to rate it 1-star out of a handful of 5. To rebuke Viagrashop24h illegal and substandard services meant to rob the innocent clients.

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