Cheap Rx Reviews: Where Giveaway Pills Are As Good As Their Sold Ones

Cheap Rx Reviews: Where Giveaway Pills Are As Good As Their Sold Ones

Cheap Rx is a chain of drugstores operating online. It is a group of internet dispensaries that offer OTC and prescription medicines at the lowest price possible. These are both generic and branded medicines. Customers of Cheap Rx can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Cheap Rx customers can enjoy low priced medicines as this chain of e-stores directly deal with pharmaceutical companies where they get their medicines at the lowest price
  • Cheap Rx has been in this business for 17 years and they have an established support team to ensure smooth customer service experience regardless of each customer’s issue
  • The prices of medicines offered by Cheap Rx e-stores are in line with the current pricing of other online pharmacies but can be lower because of their direct partnership with pharmaceutical companies
  • The policies laid out by Cheap Rx are complete and fair, it balances the benefit of its e-stores and the rights of its customers

Cheap Rx began operating as an online pharmacy in 2001 and for the last 17 years, they have been serving customers worldwide thru their chain of internet dispensaries.

Cheap Rx Reviews

How do you choose your online drugstore? Do you look at their pricing? Do you consider their offers or perks? Do you trust their customer reviews? These are the three main factors that we always consider in this order – we look at the price, we check the perks they are currently giving then we check their customers reviews. Is it a reliable online pharmacy? Their customer reviews will surely answer this question and if it is a “yes’, then we will proceed to order but if they have mix reviews, we might just look for other options. This is the power of customer reviews. Cheap Rx seems to have these three things though. They offer good priced medicines, they offer some deals, and they have a number of positive customer reviews. Here are some of them.

Cheap Rx Customer Reviews

We picked four of the many positive reviews that Cheap Rx has. These reviews were written and shared by Samuel, Sarah, Piter, and Barbara. The first thing we noticed was the location of their customers. One is from France, one from Spain, another from Italy, and the last one was from Sweden.

Among the things they mentioned that they loved about Cheap Rx are:

  • The fast shipping and on time delivery of Cheap Rx
  • The continuous status update (re:order) that Cheap Rx customer service team is providing
  • Cheap Rx is an honest website
  • Cheap Rx has a courteous customer service team
  • Cheap Rx doesn’t just deliver on time, they often deliver ahead of time

For the last 17 years since they started operating online, Cheap Rx has maintained its reputation as a reliable online pharmacy that customers worldwide can trust.

Cheap Rx Online

The chain of online pharmacies of Cheap Rx started in 2001 in Canada. It was the time when online pharmacies were just a thriving business on the internet. Although there are some big pharmacies that offer mail to order service, starting an online pharmacy was a big step for Cheap Rx. Today, this network of online pharmacies remains to be one of the top providers of generic and branded medicines online at a very affordable rate. Among their bestsellers are erectile dysfunction medicines, weight loss pills, pain relief medications, hair loss treatment, and antifungal treatment.

Cheap Rx Site

For a list of branded medicines, we found out that Cheap Rx offers only three branded drugs. They offer branded Viagra for $2.56 per tablet and branded Cialis for $3.72 per tablet. The rest of the medicines offered are generic and most are from India. These generic medicines are Indian FDA approved.

When ordering, there are two options for your orders to be delivered to you. You can choose to have it delivered at the fastest time possible via EMS Courier for $19.95. You only have to wait up to 8 days for this. The other method of shipping is Airmail and it costs $9.95. This delivery takes up to 21 days for the order to arrive. The method of payment that is accepted is with a credit card.

Cheap Rx Coupon Codes

Offering a coupon code is something that Cheap Rx is not practicing at the moment. As they keep on saying on their site, they are offering low-priced medicines and perhaps they don’t see a need for a coupon code anymore. What Cheap Rx offers are deals that customers can also enjoy such as free pills on every order.

Cheap Rx Deal

At the check out page, you can choose the free pills that you may want to have in your order. You can choose from Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. Who wouldn’t want free pills, right?

Cheap Rx Phone Numbers

When reporting an issue or you have a query about a certain product, it is always best to air it with a live person. Cheap Rx knew this hence they provided a customer support team that their customers can talk to. For your concerns, you can dial 4420-3239-7092 or 1-718-487-9792.

Cheap Rx Contact Information

Customers with the inability to make a phone call can still talk to Cheap Rx support team via their ‘contact us’ page.

Cheap Rx Spam and Phone Calls

Sending spam emails and making spam calls to introduce their product is something that Cheap Rx is not practicing. They knew that such effort won’t give them a positive result because it will only annoy a customer. Cheap Rx is not practicing it.


We love discounts but we love free more. This is the reason why most customers are sticking with Cheap Rx – they give free pills on every order. In addition to free pills, Cheap Rx tirelessly provides cheap generic medicines to its customers worldwide thru their easy to use website. For this reason, we are awarding a rating of 5 stars to Cheap Rx.

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