Review – Unsafe Pharmacy Blog with ED Catalog Review – Unsafe Pharmacy Blog with ED Catalog is a website that popped up when I was searching for an alternative to my go-to online pharmacy store. At the top of the home screen, I could clearly see that this was a Pharmaceutical blog that provided information concerning ED drugs in particular, as well as general pharmaceutical news. But it appeared to be more than that. There is also a banner at the top that references a pharmacy named Trust Pharmacy. Further down the page, there is a shop showcasing ED medications.

Another thing I was quick to observe was that launched in 2012. The left side of the home screen showcased a variety of generic Cialis formulations under “Men’s Health” just above the “News” section. It appears Cialis is the main attraction in the erectile dysfunction shop – a shop that is part of Trust Pharmacy’s larger store.

I realized that when I attempted to purchase Cialis. The shop on promptly redirects to that Canadian pharmacy on clicking. There, I learned the price of twelve pills of Brand Cialis was $68.31. I also got a look at the prices for Brand Viagra and Brand Levitra. Twelve pills of the former cost $62.00 while twelve pills of the latter cost $69.11. These FDAapproved drugs are complemented by generic sildenafil, vardenafil, and Tadalafil medications.

When I added 96 pills of Cialis to my cart, I got to see that one of the shipping methods available was airmail shipping. Online tracking is unavailable for airmail shipping. If purchase over $200 you get free airmail. There is also EMS courier delivery. On the checkout screen, it was apparent that Credit Cards by Visa and MasterCard are accepted. There is no discernible way of getting in touch with No phone numbers, no emails, and no online chat. Reviews

I did not find any customer reviews on the blog and was also unable to find such reviews on unaffiliated websites. I normally check for both sets of reviews because they tell me a lot about the shopping experience on a particular site. The older ones provide valuable information about a specific website’s trajectory since it launched. You get to learn about problems the business may have faced in the past. Some websites may have been out of business for some time, while others could have changed domain names. Also, a popular online drug vendor may have been previously unpopular. The latest customer reviews either affirm or reject the narrative of the older ones. Since I couldn’t find any of that, I had nothing about Medinfore’s credibility to digest. It’s definitely risky to shop for medicines on such a sketchy website. I have no doubt that you will find a more rewarding shopping experience elsewhere on the Internet. In the absence of reviews, I was preparing to do just that. Reviews 2017

Before leaving, I thought it made sense to know what online scam fighters had to say about So far, I had been starved of such information. All I knew was that ED medicines could be bought here on this pharmaceutical blog using the on-site store linked to Trust Pharmacy. Additionally, going ahead with such a purchase would be to ignore the possible risks. So, first, I went on

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I performed a scan and I have attached the results in the first screenshot above. Scamadviser suggests is US-based but most likely from Ukraine which it identified as a “High-Risk Country”. Okay. So, now I know of three countries associated with a pharmaceutical blog that specializes in erectile dysfunction treatment. Definitely a little less sketchy. I know I can trust Scamadviser’s assessment though.

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Next, I went to get a second opinion, this time from This site confirmed that the owner of Medinfores is Ukrainian. It gives the site an 11% rating and recommends against browsing and buying on the website.  Scamner also noted that Google hasn’t reported as unsafe. It also agreed with Scamadviser’s assessment of Ukraine as a high-risk country. Coupon Codes

In spite of the grim analyses, I found myself searching for discounts like those I have seen on other online pharmacies. I still wanted to know if offered good percentage discounts on the first purchase or discounts for shopping beyond a certain dollar amount. I did not find any such discounts on the site. I also didn’t find coupon codes on this blog. I thought the site could not get any less attractive, but when I searched for Vouchers or Certificates that could be gifted to friends and family, I didn’t find any. This blog has certainly done its part to justify the rating. While it appears to be just an affiliate of the Canadian pharmacy, it could use the extra points discounts like those I’ve described could give it. Needless to say, I was completely unimpressed.


I checked out this blog because I was hopeful of finding an alternative to my favorite online pharmacy, but failed to meet the requirements. It is not an actual online pharmacy. It is only affiliated with Trust Pharmacy which is a Canadian pharmacy. This affiliation dates back to 2012, and while the server that hosts the blog is located in the United States, the site is run by Ukrainians. Both Scamadviser and Scamner were unequivocal in their assessment of that country as a high-risk country. That is all I have to digest since I couldn’t find any credible user experiences on the site and on separate websites. Inability to communicate with Medinfore’s administrators added yet another check mark in the negative column. No way of getting in touch. Its affiliation with the aforementioned Canadian pharmacy allows it to market ED medications, which is what brought me there. Despite the availability of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra I believe it is a bad idea to buy from the shop. I am giving the site a 1-star rating out of 5.

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