Review – A Re-Opened Online Pharmacy Review – A Re-Opened Online Pharmacy is a virtual drugstore that offers branded and generic pharmaceutical products. No adequate information found on their website regarding the exact business location of the pharmacy. The sources or manufacturers of the drugs offered were also not mentioned on the site. I am not sure if they have been licensed and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulatory health authorities. The drugstore offers a wide range of drug categories. This includes the popular treatment for erectile dysfunction such as Viagra and Levitra, blood pressure and cholesterol lowering drugs, antibiotics, antivirals, asthma treatment, pain relievers, bone health, diuretics, thyroid drugs, weight management pills, and a lot more different drug categories fully listed on the website. The cost of their generic alternatives is found to be cheap and affordable. The generic Viagra, a drug used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men aged 18 years and older, costs $1.90 USD per tablet. This is definitely lower in comparison with the innovator brand produced by Pfizer but a little pricey in relation with other online pharmacies who could offer this product for as low as $0.6 USD. It is strongly advised that a customer must seek a licensed physician before starting a new drug therapy. This is vital especially for those already taking other medications and who has pre-existing medical conditions. Many people suffer from adverse effects and other sentinel events due to the lack of information about the drugs they are taking.

There is not much information that could be extracted from the website of Pharmastores. Even the payment and shipping methods cannot be viewed by the customer. I suppose that since this is an online pharmacy, payment is possible via credit cards, bank transfer, and e-checks. But, this information cannot be validated. The shipping methods and standard delivery time were also not mentioned. You have to initiate a checkout process and register an account to obtain this info. However, shipping fee is FREE of charge all over the world except for orders in the United States.

Asking for a refund or replacement is possible. However, it must be done before the product has been shipped by Pharmastores. Once the package has left the premises of the pharmacy, the responsibility would be solely on the customer and no refund may be asked.

If you wish to talk with a customer service representative, you may e-mail [email protected] for general inquiries and [email protected] for order status. Reviews

Customer feedbacks have been gathered from and When summarized, previous buyers had different opinions regarding the quality of services they got from the virtual pharmacy.

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Clive gave 1 out of 5 stars for Pharmastores and advised readers, “do not buy from here”. I think he has been a regular customer because he said that the pharmacy “used to be good” before, but now they have been scamming lots of people already. The pharmacy is “not sending the correct drugs” to their customers. Instead, they just give them cheap vitamin pills.

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Bruce gave a perfect 5 out of 5 stars rating for Pharmastores. He was pleased with the service because he got the package within 7 days. According to him, the pharmacy offers “great products and great communication”. He promised to order again in the future.

On the contrary, Urs Willi gave 1 out of 5 stars for the drugstore. His first order was okay but last January 16, he placed an order again and now has a different story to tell. There was “no delivery, no reply to e-mails, and no money back”. He thinks that the shop is already closed and they are only getting money from the customers. Reviews 2016

More recent reviews from also have contradicting comments. Some were satisfied while others were not.

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Norma Pratt gave 5 out of 5 stars rating for the pharmacy. She was very happy that the drugstore is operating again. She has been a regular customer and said that she “never had a problem with money or goods” except for the accident last year which was not fully narrated.

Scott D also gave 5 out of stars for Pharmastores. Just like Norma, Scott has been a regular customer of the drugstore for several years already and never had problems. According to him, the pharmacy always gives “good service and communication.” He is also very pleased with the “speedy delivery” they offer.

On the other hand, two unsatisfied customers left comments and a low rating for this pharmacy.

Abe Rentschler gave 1 out of 5 stars rating because he “received nothing”. He placed an order last November 2016 and the bank charged his credit card for the transaction. There was a tracking number given but he didn’t receive the package and no reply was given by the pharmacy.

Lastly, Peggy Lampard also gave 1 out of 5 stars rating and said that this pharmacy is a “total waste of money”. He ordered Diazepam last January 26 and just the same, the pharmacy took her money but the “order was never received”. Coupon Codes

Apart from the competitive prices that this pharmacy offers, there are also additional deals and rewards that they are giving to their customers.

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Shipping is FREE for all orders worldwide except the United States. Moreover, the pharmacy guarantees a 60% off on all their prices to compete with other drugstores online.

Conclusion is a virtual pharmacy that offers up to 60% discounted prices for both generic and branded medications. Their prices are really cheap but there is not much information about the pertinent details about the business that could be found on their website.

I am giving 1 out of 5 stars rating for because of the contradicting customer feedbacks they got. Some are very satisfied with their services, while others are not. Also, I was not able to find many details about the store to gauge their capability to provide high-quality products and services for their consumers.

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