Review – A Sub-standard Pharmacy with no Reliability Review – A Sub-standard Pharmacy with no Reliability is a pharmacy that is aiming to provide the best quality service to the customers. The company claims that it has well-trained personnel which is ready to provide good quality consultation in addition to full attention and care. The company is delivering high quality medications that are trusted by professionals as well as the patients distributed all around the world. The main mission of Top Canadian Drugs 24 Rx is to provide maximum satisfaction to its customers by using its service and products. The store utilizes a unique technology that allows it to achieve success in the business of pharmaceuticals that would attract more customers. Another advantage of using this website is that it is a great source of buying drugs at affordable prices in addition to availing special discount offers and bonuses. I saw that this company sells ED drugs as well and the price of generic Viagra of 25 mg is 1.31 US Dollars per pill which is too expensive.

Customers can make payments using Visa, Discover, American Express and MasterCard. Delivery takes place either via Airmail in 2 to 3 weeks charging 8.95 US Dollars or via EMS Courier Delivery in 3 to 8 days by paying 27.95 US Dollars. The company can be contacted if customers are not satisfied with their products. Customers can call at +1-888-207-32-03 or +1-888-207-32-07. The option of live chat was available but I was unable to access it. A call back service and email address have also been provided to the customers. Reviews has received quite a few user reviews from its customers. These reviews can be accessed directly from its official website. I decided to review these comments in order to check the status of this store.

Sarah belonging to the United States of America said that she placed an order on Top Canadian Drugs 24 Rx and it got delivered at her home but she found that “half of the order was damaged”. The customer said that she was “disappointed” and decided to get in contact with the drug store. Sarah said that she was “surprised and pleased” about the swiftness with which they solved the problem. The customer regarded it as “the best company” that she has ever ordered from.

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Piter residing in Canada said that he ordered one medicine and “loved the quality of the medication”. He said that he was definitely going to order from Top Canadian Drugs 24 Rx again. In the end, he thanked the store for its “great service”.

Dorothy living in the United Kingdom said that the representatives at this store “care about their job” and also about the customers. She even said that she could not think of any bad thing about her experience with this store.

The customer reviews are great without any doubt but I cannot fully trust them because of the fact that they are confined to the seller’s website only. This means that the seller has a power to control the content of these reviews and it is quite possible that these reviews have actually been forged or copied from other websites. Therefore, I would not trust these reviews. Reviews 2016

TopCanadianDrugs24Rx was not able to receive customer reviews in the year 2016. This means that I had no way to determine the recent performance of this store except for checking its status on websites like Scamadviser.

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According to Scamadviser, Top Canadian Drugs 24 Rx has been given a status of being a suspicious website. This is particularly because Scamadviser has found out that it is located in France but the owner is trying its best to hide its true location. This implies that the company is not to be trusted as there might be some level of danger associated with it.

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LegitScript has said that Top Canadian Drugs 24 Rx is a rogue internet pharmacy that has not been able to verify itself as per the conditions set by it. In simpler words, this means that the company is not reliable and has not been termed as safe for buying medicines online. Coupon Codes only offers discounts related to shipping. The company offers a chance to avail delivery services for free but this offer is bound by conditions.

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If a customer wants to get its products delivered to hum via Free Registered Mail, he has to order drugs that have a total worth of at least 200 to 300 US Dollars. If his total bill exceeds the amount of 300 US Dollars, it means that he is liable to receive free delivery via registered EMS.


I can say that is just like all those internet pharmacies that have no proof of their authentication and are continuing to work without having one. The customer reviews regarding this store are limited to the seller’s own website and cannot be termed as a proof of its reliability. The reports for this website on Scamadviser and LegitScript are quite poor and so are the discount offers. Hence, this store gets 1 out of 5 for its poor performance and with this, I would like to advise the customers that they should not buy ED drugs from here.

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